Antoinette van Brussel is married with
Gerrit Westerveld
, graphic designer.
Her sister is Anneke van Brussel, fine painter.

From 1980 till 2007 she worked in her own studio, especially with clay but she also made little bronzes and worked in stone and other materials.

Antoinette exposed at home and abroad.

Special activities:
In 1987 Antoinette stayed for 6 weeks in the little village of Juruti on the Amazon river in Brazil. Together with German friends, she built a kiln for an Indian collective of potters in Juruti.

In 1988, 1989 and 1990 she had work periods to sculpture marble in Azzano near Carrara in Italy.
In 1988 she was participating in the international ceramics symposium ‘Iris’ in Porvoo, Finland, where she participated together with Jeroen Bechtold, Maaike Klein, Takeshi Yasuda and others.>

In 1989 she participated in a ceramics workshop of the World Crafts Council, in Rumst, Belgium.
In 1990 Antoinette worked with red sandstone in Steinbach near Donnersberg in Germany.
In 1991 she participated in an exhibition in the old casemate ‘Mosede’ in Køge, Denmark.

Between 1992 and 1994 she worked regularly in Zornheim near Mainz, where she could fire her ceramics in a wood fired kiln in which flames and melt down ashes coloured the sculptures.
In 1995 Antoinette made an installation for
‘De Loods’ in Bergen op Zoom.
In 1995 she had a solo exhibition in the museum ‘Markiezenhof’ in Bergen op Zoom.

In 2007 Antoinette was invited to be artist in residence for a three months period to work in the ceramics studio of a traditional Japanese Master. The Taiwanese ceramist Samuel Hsuan-yu Shih, also worked there. After seven weeks she escaped the ceramics master and Japan. Read more...


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