antoinette van brussel

born: Eindhoven (The Netherlands), 1948
education: Academy for Plastic Arts, Amersfoort NL

techniques: ceramics, terracotta, bronze, various

my interest

Man and his eroticism. Complementing contrasts. Attracting and rejecting extremes: man – woman,
near – far off, good – bad, creation – destruction, life – death. Read more...

artist in residence
A working period in Japan, 2007

In 2006 I received a handwritten letter from Mr. Hiroshi Sado, well known ceramist in Japan. He wrote me that he regularly invited ceramists to work in his studio for a three months' period. This time he has the honor to ask me. Read more...

story of creation (in Dutch)

‘Report from Reports’, written by
Antoinette van Brussel – voice: Kees Wagtman – didgeridoo: Raf Timmermans - 1995



antoinette van brussel

ceramic work